What is How To?

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“WE ARE SHARING OUR KNOWLEDGE WITH YOU” New Educational Program, “How To” by broncolor:

It is a new section on broncolor’s Website with multiple light examples made with broncolor light shapers. You have the choice to select a product and explore different light examples made with these products or to select a sample photo and find out how to create it.

The concept of HOW TO is to show a nice image and explain the light set-up. To make it visual, we include a set-up diagram. broncolor has invested a lot of effort in this project and we will continue to create light examples on a weekly base. 

Screen Shot 2014-09-06 at 7.27.10 pm

Have a look at Karl Taylor’s and Urs Recher’s LIVE light examples on our homepage, this is what is how to about. Sharing information and knowledge with others //www.bron.ch/broncolor/how-to/how-to-videos/

Note: if you follow us on facebook, you will always get notice about the latest light examples on our website www.facebook.com/broncolor.india

For LIVE lighting examples, tutorials, and “How-To” videos using broncolor. Follow us on YouTube //www.youtube.com/user/broncolorworld

page2image4048Whenever you buy a product, you want to know, what you can do with it. Why is it different to others? How you get the best results? With the help of our How To we want to give out free information to photographers, make them improve, give them ideas, explain them about the variety of possibilities with the product.