How to achieve shortest flash duration with broncolor Move 1200L

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broncolor Move 1200L  battery power pack offers the Worlds shortest flash duration of 1/8,000 (T 0.1) ( 1/20,000 T0.5) To achieve shortest flash duration on MOVE 1200L do the following. (This set of instructions is not applicable for Hyper Sync Flash Photography)  1> broncolor MOVE 1200L is the only battery pack in the world, which allows you to […]

What is HyperSync

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HyperSync is a feature exclusive to PocketWizard radios that allows you to shoot at speeds faster than your cameras X-Sync while using studio strobes. Unlike HSS/Auto-FP (High Speed Sync) which allows speedlights to sync up to 1/8000th with pulsed light, HyperSync uses precise timing to capture the most flash energy in the frame. If you […]

On the trail of the secret of the short flash duration

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Press Information, released by broncolor, article No. 2-3116/09_dr dated: October 2009    ISO Standard 2827 When comparing the technical data of various manufacturers, ISO Standard 2827 must be observed which defines two values for quoting flash duration: 1.) The effective flash duration t 0.5 is defined as being the period during which the flash intensity […]

Flash duration t 0.5 is only half the truth

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Press Information, released by broncolor, article No. 2-3115/09_dr dated: October 2009  Have you already had to ascertain that despite the supposed 1/12’000 s flash duration, the arms and legs of a model were still blurred in the picture? – even when purchasing a flash unit, it is very important to read the small print; some data […]