What is HyperSync

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HyperSync is a feature exclusive to PocketWizard radios that allows you to shoot at speeds faster than your cameras X-Sync while using studio strobes.

Unlike HSS/Auto-FP (High Speed Sync) which allows speedlights to sync up to 1/8000th with pulsed light, HyperSync uses precise timing to capture the most flash energy in the frame. If you are curious about how HyperSync works on a more scientific level and how it differs from HSS.

visit //wiki.pocketwizard.com/index.php?title=HyperSync to know more.

Specially when shooting outdoors with flash, HyperSync will allow tremendous control on mixing Day Light and Flashlight.

In simple words in normal X-Sync the flash resides within the shutter speed. where as in HyperSync the shutter speed resides within the Flash.

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