How to: Air travel with Move 1200L lithium batteries

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Guidelines for the transport of Move 1200L lithium batteries 

The Move 1200L LiFe battery contains lithium. The transportation of lithium batteries is subject to the UN guidelines concerning the transport of dangerous goods by aircraft, ship, rail and road. Therefore, each lithium battery must be tested and certified to meet the criteria of UN directive 38.3. The Move 1200L LiFe battery has successfully passed this test.


Air travel with Move 1200 L lithium batteries

The transportation of lithium batteries by aircraft is subject to separate conditions(*). Please observe the following guidelines for air travel with the Move 1200 L LiFe battery.

• Please print out the test certificate from our homepage ( for the Move 1200L LiFe battery (keyword Conformity). Show this certificate voluntarily at the check-in desk and hand luggage security control. This will considerably facilitate the controls. In case of questions, indicate that the energy content of this battery is less than 100 Wh.

  • Ensure that all lithium batteries are always protected against short circuit (cover up the metal surface with carton and wrap the battery in plastic).
  • We advise not to transport the lithium battery inside the power pack.
  • When the LiFe battery is transported in the Move 1200 L power pack, it is permitted to

–  hand in the Move 1200L as a piece of luggage, as well as

–  to take it along as a piece of hand luggage

  • When the LiFe battery is transported separately from the Move 1200 L power pack,

–  it is permitted to take it along as hand luggage

–  it is forbidden to check it in as an individual piece of luggage

–  a total of 3 batteries per Move 1200 L must not be exceeded (1 battery in the

   power pack plus 2 spare batteries, a total energy of ≤ 300 Wh is permitted).

Transport of defective batteries

• According to UN guidelines, it is forbidden to transport defective batteries by aircraft. Defective batteries may only be shipped by land or sea. In case of a return shipment, please contact us at the telephone number: +41 61 485 85 85. We can then discuss with you the right steps to be taken for the transportation.

• Download the Conformity Certificate for Move from broncolor website, this is a important certificate, one should carry it all times when travelling with Move 1200L by flight.

(*) Transport Association (IATA).

According to the guidelines of the US Department Of Transportation (DOT) and the International Air

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