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How to: Air travel with Move 1200L lithium batteries

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Guidelines for the transport of Move 1200L lithium batteries  The Move 1200L LiFe battery contains lithium. The transportation of lithium batteries is subject to the UN guidelines concerning the transport of dangerous goods by aircraft, ship, rail and road. Therefore, each lithium battery must be tested and certified to meet the criteria of UN directive […]

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On the trail of the secret of the short flash duration

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Press Information, released by broncolor, article No. 2-3116/09_dr dated: October 2009    ISO Standard 2827 When comparing the technical data of various manufacturers, ISO Standard 2827 must be observed which defines two values for quoting flash duration: 1.) The effective flash duration t 0.5 is defined as being the period during which the flash intensity […]

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Flash duration t 0.5 is only half the truth

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Press Information, released by broncolor, article No. 2-3115/09_dr dated: October 2009  Have you already had to ascertain that despite the supposed 1/12’000 s flash duration, the arms and legs of a model were still blurred in the picture? – even when purchasing a flash unit, it is very important to read the small print; some data […]


How broncolor battery pack looks under X-Ray

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Ever wondered what does the Airport security staff see, when they X-ray your photography equipment ? specially the battery power packs ? Gen NEXT photographer Benjamin Von Wong looked inside broncolor gear at the airport.  //   Can you name all the items?  

UV Photography

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UV Photography:   Look behind the scenes with (broncolor’s) Gen NEXT’s Benjamin Von Wong, as he creates some insanely great pictures using broncolor UV attachment. broncolor UV attachment also has uses in other fields of photography, like Forensic Science, Museum art verification, gemological study, geological study etc    

Shikha Sharma

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Shikha Sharma: Shikha Sharma a leading fashion and beauty photographer based out of Mumbai, and shuttles between Mumbai and London for photography work. It was interesting to see her in action using the broncolor Move 1200L battery pack, Par Reflector and Para 133. All images, copyright Shikha Sharma.  

Symbiosis School of Photography

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Symbiosis School of Photography: I was invited by the school as a guest faculty to give a talk on flash and the characteristics of light. The school is situated on the hill top at Lavale, Pune – India, its a beautiful campus with a helipad (wow!). During the workshop we explained the differences between various lights […]