broncolor HS, Sync speed 1/8000 sec now possible

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The new broncolor RFS 2.2 HS transceiver In this ‘How To’ video Karl & Urs demonstrate the new High Speed Sync capabilities of the Siros Lights with the new RFS2.2 trigger, allowing to sync your flash up to 1/8000th of a second on a DSLR. Check this video to see the cool effects possible with […]

The all new bronControl app now offers great new features.

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The latest version of “bronControl” enables control of the basic features of the broncolor Siros and Siros L battery monolights. In addition, it now displays the flash duration for each individual unit at a chosen power level. Some other new features include Synchronized Sequence, Freemask, Alternate, and Group. It is recommended that broncolor Siros user […]

Siros L – Battery Powered Studio Flash by broncolor

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The Siros L is broncolor’s new battery-powered monobloc which provides professional photographers with the opportunity to enjoy the perfect lighting, be this in a mobile form in the studio, or for outdoor location shoot – offering up to 440 flashes at full power per battery charge, colour constancy and very fast flash durations. Easy to […]

TetherBoost Pro USB 3.0 Core Controller

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Do you experience dropped tethered connection while using the new camera / digital back using the USB 3.0 cables We have a solution for you… The TetherBoost Pro System provides consistent power to maintain a stable connection for tethered image transfer when using a DSLR or medium-format digital back system connected to a computer via […]

Introducing Pelican AIR

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INTRODUCING PELICAN AIR, THE LIGHTEST POLYMER PROTECTOR CASES ON THE PLANET At up to 40% lighter than other polymer cases, Pelican Air cases will lighten the loads of the dedicated photographers across the world who have set out to capture the emotion. Pelican Air cases are the first in a series of remarkable innovations engineered […]


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Kedar’s career began at Sir JJ Institute of Applied Art with a flurry of awards for design and typography. Employing a rare combination of cutting-edge graphic design and gifted photography, Kedar celebrates beauty through his viewfinder. He believes the entire process of seeing an idea transform into a picture, infusing life into it, gives him […]

How to assemble broncolor softbox – Easy and Fast

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  The new broncolor Softboxes and Octaboxes are optimised light shapers for precise lighting design in nine different shapes and sizes. Square, rectangular, as a strip or octagonal. These quality, high-performance light shapers extend your flash system and offer countless additional lighting effects. Three different diffusers enable a soft light with slight central emphasis through […]

How to achieve shortest flash duration with broncolor Move 1200L

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broncolor Move 1200L  battery power pack offers the Worlds shortest flash duration of 1/8,000 (T 0.1) ( 1/20,000 T0.5) To achieve shortest flash duration on MOVE 1200L do the following. (This set of instructions is not applicable for Hyper Sync Flash Photography)  1> broncolor MOVE 1200L is the only battery pack in the world, which allows you to […]

Changing background made super easy – Free Mask

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Making cut-outs of the image can be very time consuming, specially in case of catalogue photography where you have hundreds of images to process. broncolor Scoro S power pack offers a super easy solution for such demanding task. Please go through the following article, it explains how the broncolor Scoro power pack can help you […]